Service of fuel outsourcing
and automation of fuel supply

Service for enterprises which consume fuel
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Before How to Get Started
Basing on agreement, company transfers fuel supply function to another company which operates in the required area
An enterprise – consumer of fuel with a fuel supply process independent of stationary filling stations which has transferred these functions to the FO provider
Benzamaster rendering fuel outsourcing services to one or more companies (by providing a filling station and supplying fuel to the consumer's car tank)
Fuel Outsourcing (FO)
Enterprise - consumer of FO
"Benzamaster" - FO provider
You are disengaged from ordering, purchasing, delivery, storage, control, dispensation and loss of fuel during this activity.

All these activities will be done by Benzamaster.
You pay only for fuel which is delivered to the tanks of your cars.

Benefits of Fuel Outsourcing
In addition to fuel supply, Benzamaster
provides following services:

Smart solutions for enterprises with vehicle fleet
Focus on your business.
Outsource your fuel supply with the help of Benzamaster and automate your fuel supply process

1. Obtains permission to install portable filling station
2. Installs it on the territory of your enterprise
3. Manages the installed filling station
4. Maintains it
5. Analyzes and optimizes fuel supply process using the benzamat PRO program

You only have to pay for the fuel which is delivered to the tanks of your cars.

Service for companies that consume more than 79 000 US gallons of fuel
What will you get
Comfortable conditions
Our main goal is to create comfortable working conditions for clients (enterprises - consumers) and optimize fuel supply processes using modern automated equipment.
Range of services
Benzamat works only with leading fuel suppliers and provides a full range of services to minimize costs in fuel supply processes.
You can choose the most convenient option for you to interact and calmly do business.

Anywhere in the world
Now you have a service that will help you to solve the problem of fuel supply in any location of your company
You know what you pay for
Benzamaster will:
- supply you with an automated portal filling station;
- coordinate the installation with the Governmental Authorities;
- deliver fuel;
- keep filling station records;
- provide filling station with maintenance services;
- optimize fuel supply processes.
Benzamaster installs filling station in convenient place for you
The service provides convenient software which allows you to control the entire process
How to get started
Benzamat PRO fuel supply management program
Remote control 24/7;
Fuel control by volume and mass;
Convenient reporting;
Operatorless fuel dispensation;
Monitoring fuel dispensation to each driver and vehicle;
Fuel consumption analytics;
Statistics covering necessary periods
and much more
We conclude an agreement with you
Fuel is provided by leading suppliers of the country. The quality of fuel delivered through the service is carefully monitored
Leave a request
We coordinate with the supervisory authorities and establish a portable filling station
We supply you with fuel